Trainee Blog

Want to know what it’s really like to be a trainee in our firm? Hear it direct from our Trainee Solicitor Talek Cox here….


How did you decide you wanted to have a career in law – what were your drivers and motivations?


I took A level law and this inspired me to consider a career in law more seriously. I was intrigued by the various opportunities in the legal sector. It offered a variety of different specialisations which were limited in other areas I had studied.


My interests stemmed from an understanding that modern society required the rule of law and this was important to ensure a fully functioning system. Consequently, after a career change, I endeavoured to pursue a career in law.


What sort of firms did you apply to and how did you find the application process?


I chose to primarily focus on law firms that specialised or had a primary focus in corporate/commercial law. I also wanted to be located in the South West. The application process for many firms usually starts with an application form and a series of questions challenging many areas including commercial awareness and general work ethic.


Some firms then select a pool of applicants who will attend an assessment day. My experience of the assessment days were challenging but positive. I do not think most firms are looking for the finished product but most certainly potential.


What were your key drivers in looking for a firm?


The legal sector provides a variety of opportunities. I wanted to work in a law firm as I felt that this provided the best opportunity in terms of the nitty gritty aspects of law.


What attracted you to Murrell Associates?


Murrell Associates felt like a needle in a haystack whilst searching for law firms. This is because it seemed like the only law firm in Cornwall to have its unique selling point as specialising in corporate law.


What was the interview process like at Murrell Associates?


The interview process was very relaxed and welcoming. I previously had work experience with the firm which I feel helped as the interviewers already had an idea of my ability. The interview only lasted 30 minutes and I was offered a paralegal position 20 minutes after.


What was your first day like at Murrell Associates?


My first day was during the worst of Covid therefore my first day was working from home. Despite the circumstances, the firm helped me settle in and were very welcoming and friendly. I felt that I had exposure to a wide variety of work from the off which has subsequently helped me progress.


What department are you in and what are the key challenges and points of interest from this area of law?


I am currently working in the commercial property department for my second seat which will last for 6 months. The key challenges are primarily understanding a new area of law and applying that to the different scenarios that inevitably arise during the seat. I think that this will be a main challenge for most trainees moving seats every 6 months. The firms is, however, very helpful and offers support and training opportunities.


What are your aspirations for the future?


My aspiration in the future is to qualify as a solicitor and to use the expertise that I have learned throughout my training contract and to apply that knowledge in order to help the firm offer a professional standard to the highest level.


What are the three main things you like about your life as trainee lawyer at Murrell Associates?


– Exposure to different areas of law – the firm offers services in the corporate, commercial, commercial property and employment sectors.


– Support from highly skilled and experienced lawyers


– Flexibility that the firm offers.