Termination of employment

Sometimes, it’s just time to go your separate ways…

Termination of employment in a fair way that is unlikely to result in an employment tribunal claim is a key concern for business owners and managers.


Avoiding unfair dismissal claims


We are experienced in handling dismissals in many different circumstances – from issues arising at an early stage, which need to be handled carefully to ensure that there is no discrimination, to the termination of employment of a long standing member of staff who is no longer performing as they should.

If you are considering dismissing an employee there are some questions which you need to ask yourself:

Does the employee have sufficient qualifying service to bring a standard claim of unfair dismissal?

If not: Are there any other grounds for a claim that do not require a certain amount of service?

If so: Do you have a fair reason for dismissal?

In order to you fairly dismiss an employee, you generally need to follow the following formula:


Concerned about constructive dismissal?

If an employee has resigned following raising a grievance, or made a detailed complaint in their resignation letter explaining that they feel they have no choice but to resign, a constructive dismissal claim could be on the way.


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