Sickness management

Do you ever find yourself wondering: Can (or should) I contact an employee whilst they are off sick? This is one of the most common mistakes employers make. Often not contacting an employee can do more harm than good.


However, there is a delicate tightrope to tread between being a concerned employer and risking being construed as harassing staff…


Dealing with sickness absence can be a complex and difficult matter. There are many issues to consider. Here are a few examples (although there are many, many more):

– Is the problem work-related?

– Is the employee disabled?

– Could I be discriminating?

– When should I call a meeting?

– Can they take holiday whilst they are off?

– The fit note says “may be fit for work” what do I do?

– Is the sickness genuine?

We regularly help our clients to manage issues concerning both long-term absence and frequent sickness absence to minimise business disruption and reduce the likelihood of a dispute occurring.


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