Intellectual Property

Our specialist intellectual property solicitors are available to help clients buy, sell and exploit intellectual property rights. We also regularly advise clients on copyright infringement and brand protection issues. Additionally, we advise clients on the complexities surrounding collaborations.

We understand that our clients invest significant time and money in developing their brands, inventions and designs. We are on hand to assist our clients with the identification, protection, management and enforcement of these intellectual property rights. We regularly file trade mark and design right applications on our client’s behalf both in the UK and abroad.
We can assist with a range of intellectual property matters, including:

List of Services
  • Trade mark audits
  • Filing, prosecuting and registering trade mark applications
  • Trade mark licence agreements
  • Trade mark assignment agreements
  • Trade mark co-existence agreements
  • Trade mark settlement agreements
  • Filing, prosecuting and registering design right applications
  • Design right licence agreement
  • Design right assignment agreements
  • Copyright licence agreements
  • Copyright assignment agreements
  • Patent licence agreements
  • Patent assignment agreements
  • Intellectual property audits
  • Intellectual property strategy reports
  • Intellectual property support for corporate transactions
  • Collaboration agreements