Pricing Information: Employment Tribunal Claims

We recognise that fair and transparent pricing is of paramount importance to our clients. No charges will be incurred until we have provided you with an estimate of the likely legal costs and you have instructed us that you wish to proceed.


All employment tribunal claims are primarily conducted by Melanie Rowe who is a solicitor and Senior Associate with paralegal support. Further information on Melanie and our paralegals can be found here.


Our Charging Basis
Typical legal costs in dealing with employment tribunal claims comprise two aspects:

– Solicitor Costs
– Disbursements payable to third parties

Further information in relation to each of these aspects is explained below.


Solicitor Costs

Hourly Rate

Our fees are calculated on the basis of the following hourly rates:

– Melanie Rowe: £200 plus VAT
– Paralegal support: £80 plus VAT


As every case is different, we are unable to provide a fixed quotation for dealing with the entirety of a particular kind of claim including unfair and wrongful dismissal claims. This is because of a number of factors, but primarily because legal fees will vary greatly if a claim settles quickly (perhaps just a few days or weeks after Acas has been notified of a claim or proceedings have begun) than if the outcome is determined by a judge at a full hearing (which could take anywhere between four to 12 months depending upon the complexity of the case and the capacity of the employment tribunal to deal with it). For this reason, we do not consider it fair or right to charge a standard fixed price for our services.


Based on our experience, we will provide you with a clear estimate of the likely legal fees and other costs that will be, or are likely to be, incurred before any chargeable work is commenced. If at any point (due to matters unforeseen at the time the estimate is given) it becomes clear that our legal costs are likely to exceed that estimate, we will notify you immediately and provide you with a revised estimate. We will not incur any legal costs beyond our original estimate without your express approval.



In certain circumstances, you may not require full representation with the entirety of the claim and only wish to receive expert advice in relation to a discrete issue (such as drafting a schedule of loss or a witness statement). In these instances we are able to offer a fixed-price service, tailored to your particular requirements.


Other funding methods

Before commencing work we will assist you with checking whether you have any pre-existing insurance cover that could contribute to or completely cover your legal costs.


Employers who are signed up to our legal support packages have the option to take out an annual insurance policy to cover all legal costs in defending a claim and the cost of an employment tribunal award. Please click here for our Services Information.



Disbursements are costs payable to another organisation which we incur on your behalf as your agent.


Typical disbursements incurred in an employment tribunal claim include a barrister’s fee for attending a hearing as your advocate or the cost of obtaining a medical report (for example in relation to establishing whether a claimant has a disability). Expert costs often vary substantially depending upon experience and expertise. We will be responsible for sourcing and instructing an appropriate expert on your behalf if required.


Before incurring a disbursement we will always obtain a quote for the cost. No disbursements will be incurred without your express authorisation.


Tribunal Fees

Currently no fees are payable to the employment tribunal by either party to deal with a claim.


Cost Recovery

You should be aware that, except in certain limited circumstances, you are unlikely to recover your legal costs in the event that you are successful in the employment tribunal proceedings. We will provide you with detailed advice in relation to the recovery of costs, should it be applicable to your matter.


You can view examples of the typical costs likely to be incurred in wrongful and unfair dismissal claims that do not settle prior to hearing here.