Trainee Blog – Secondment with Finisterre

7th August 2020

In March this year, I was told by Murrell Associates that for two months of my final training seat, they had arranged for me to be seconded to one of our longstanding clients, Finisterre UK Limited. Needless to say, I was very excited by the opportunity to gain experience working in such a creative and forward thinking business, doing really positive things for the environment (and not just because Finisterre’s offices are located on top of the beautiful cliffs of St Agnes, promise!).


The secondment lived up to my expectations and more. From day one I was very much welcomed into the Finisterre team, taking part in sea Tuesday meetings and lunches in Canteen (a cool little restaurant located at Wheel Kitty Workshops). During my time with them, I was able to assist Finisterre with various different legal issues in the property, employment, intellectual property and commercial fields and put in place some more efficient procedures and policies to help them deal with such issues going forward.


As a Trainee, I feel like secondments are a really valuable experience, particularly in your final seat when you are so close to qualification. They give you the chance to stand on your own two feet and make decisions on your own, while still having the support from your firm when you need it. They also provide you with a valuable, commercial insight into clients’ perspectives and what they look for when they engage solicitors.


I learnt a lot from my secondment and I am grateful to both Finisterre and Murrell Associates for accommodating it. I would highly recommend, that any Trainees who are offered the opportunity to go on secondment, do so.


When asked for a quote, Andy Hughes, the Finance Director of Finisterre said “I have to say when Tom, the Founder of Finisterre, said that he had arranged for us to have a secondee to come and support us for a few months, both myself and the CEO were thinking what will we get them to do?  Do we have enough work to keep them busy?  It turns out yes we had loads.  Having Emma as part of the team for the few months she was with us was invaluable.  She is a very knowledgeable, intelligent and diligent individual.  She added a lot of value to the business and having someone with the relevant training and skills meant that she made significant improvements across the Finisterre business.  Plus she came just before the whole Covid 19 pandemic hit which meant that what we had originally planned to do all changed overnight.  Emma took it all in her stride.  It was a pleasure to have Emma work with us and I would not hesitate to do it again.”


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