How strong is your brand?

12th November 2021


How strong is your brand and does it need to be protected?

Trade marks are the basis of a brand’s identity. To strengthen the brands’ identity, it is recommended that there is a dynamic approach taken to ensure the brand has effective protection. This starts with the registering of trade marks but continues with the life cycle of these marks, involving reacting quickly to any potential third-party infringements, renewing trade marks and reviewing the brands’ growth (to ensure that the registered trade mark reflects the brand’s current and future status).

Have you thought about the protection your brand currently has? Is it at risk? These are the questions we can help answer and provide an action plan to make sure your brand has the best protection.

If you are setting up a new business, looking to develop your business or have an existing brand we can offer a comprehensive and completely tailored service to suit your business needs.

Our brand protection services include:

  • a trade mark watching service. We can monitor any or all of your trade marks and indicate any possible new trade mark applications which are similar to your trade mark and provide you with a report on these, with all the necessary information and advisable next steps;
  • renewal of UK trade marks. Whether you have a large portfolio of marks or just a few marks making sure they are renewed is a crucial element of brand protection, we can identify the renewal dates of the marks and correspond with the UK IPO to record the renewal and maintain a record of the renewal;
  • detailed advice when dealing with any major objections from the UK IPO, potential third party oppositions, potential third party infringements, trade mark infringement allegations, and issuing cease and desist letters; and
  • drafting new UK trade mark applications, discussing the most appropriate specification to future proof your brand, filing and seeing the application through to the registration.

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November 2021

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