Give fraudsters an inch and they’ll take a mile!

14th September 2018

Identity fraud is at an all-time high in the UK and company directors whose personal details are accessible to the public through Companies House are one of the most at risk groups for this type of crime.

With only your name, date of birth and residential address a wily fraudster can be speeding in his on-credit Ferrari in a £1,000 suit all at your expense. The UK fraud prevention agency CIFAS has reported that one fifth of all identity fraud victims are company directors, despite the fact they account for less than 10% of the population.

In an attempt to combat this, new legislation introduced by the government earlier this year enables directors to apply to have their residential addresses removed from the database. In order to maintain corporate transparency however, it is still a legal requirement for companies to provide a registered office address and for directors to provide a service address and this is where the legislation leaves many at risk.

Those directors who do not have an independent registered office address, such as those just starting in business or whose business model does not require a premises are likely to find themselves still at risk to fraudsters as they have no option other than to supply their residential address to fulfil this requirement.

This is where we want to help. At Murrell Associates we can offer a registered office address service. This service will afford our clients peace of mind, as they will be able to supply the address of our office as their registered office address (and service address for directors if applicable), thereby reducing the risk that they will fall victim to such crime.

If you would like to make use of our registered office address service please contact Rachel Tremaine on 01872 227064 or by email at


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