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Natasha’s Law and what it means for your business

The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as Natasha’s Law, came into effect on 1 October 2021.

What is Natasha’s Law?

Parents of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse (a teenager who died after suffering an allergic reaction to an undeclared ingredient in a prepacked meal) lobbied for a change in the legislation with regard to food labelling. Due to the efforts of the lobbying group, the government confirmed that stronger laws would be implemented to protect those with food allergies.

There is now a legal requirement that all food outlets must provide a full ingredient list with clear allergen on foods pre-packaged for direct sale (‘’PPDS’’) on the premises.

What is PPDS food:

  • food that is prepared, prepacked and offered or sold to consumers on the same premises, including food you select yourself (e.g. display unit);
  • products kept behind a counter;
  • food sold in mobile or temporary outlets.

What is not PPDS food:

  • food that is not in packaging;
  • products that are packaged after you have ordered;
  • food sold by distance selling, (e.g. over the phone or internet).

Allergen information must still be provided but this can be done through other means (e.g. verbal communications).

What are businesses required to do:

When selling PPDS food they must ensure that the mandatory top 14 allergen information is available to consumers before they purchase and also when they receive it.

Once a business has complied with the legislation, they are required to investigate any alleged breach. Failure to do so is likely to result in damage to the businesses’ brand name.  We would recommend that businesses implement a breach policy and establish an investigation procedure which can be followed in the event of an alleged breach.

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Date:   December 2021

The information provided in this article is a summary for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice and cannot be relied on as such. Any law quoted in this article is correct as at the above date. Appropriate legal and financial advice should be sought for specific circumstances before any action is taken.