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Interview with Hubbox’s Richard Boon

It’s early Autumn in Truro. Sun streams in through the windows and the hubbub of Lemon Street murmurs below us. Lunch has arrived in the form of brown paper bag, perched in anticipation on the table, for inside is the latest offering from one of the South West’s fastest growing restaurants.

This is the scene in Hubbox HQ, with Richard Boon, the co-founder and MD of the award winning burger chain. Murrell Associates has been involved with Hubbox from their very first year, helping them grow from a restaurant in St Ives and a shipping container in Truro through to six different locations with Hubbox Bristol being the most recent addition to the family.

What made you want to work with Murrell Associates? Richard is asked.

“Trust,” he replies, without hesitation. “I wanted to work with Hugh and the team at Murrell Associates because I trust them and they understand us, who we are and where we’re going. I’ve always got on well with Hugh and from the get go he’s understood our business and understood our needs. It makes a massive difference.

“If there hadn’t been that level of understanding, if they didn’t ‘get it’ we wouldn’t still be working with them today. I’m not the easiest person to work with, I’m quite disorganised and the team at Murrell Associates are really good at cajoling us into the things we need to do. Sometimes we can be a bit all over the place because we’re so light at the top in terms of structure and Hugh’s great at pulling us back in and keeping us focussed.”

With more than 200 employees and plans well underway for opening further sites, the Hubbox rise has been rapid and a roaring success. As a result, their legal needs have changed and grown with them.

“The team at Murrell Associates take care of all our legal needs,” Richard says. “And this now includes our properties, our IP, our trademarks, our company structure, our employment contracts, and, most recently, investment.

“I genuinely feel like they’ve got our back and they’ve got our best interests at heart – something that’s pretty rare for lawyers! Working with them is always positive, they make it really easy for us, they’re really flexible and they’re always happy to help.

“I’d far rather work with a boutique firm than one of the big companies. I just feel in the big firms you get pushed around and they never really truly care about you. It doesn’t ever feel like this with Murrell Associates.

“We’ve had ups and downs with the business, especially through the growth, and they’ve been there with us through thick and thin.”
There’s a vibrant, positive energy in the air at Hubbox HQ. This is a business that’s really going places. But, of course, you’ll know that the minute you tuck into one of their burgers. If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? You can find them in Truro, St Ives, Pentewan, Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol.

Equally, if you want guidance, clarity and a fresh approach to the legal challenges you face, without the complex jargon and hidden fees, we’d love to talk to you.

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