Navas Drinks Limited

Navas Drinks Limited (“Navas”) is a Cornish company producing premium mixers made from natural, high quality, ingredients. Navas was founded by Nick Marsh, Kim Conchie and Marcus Rampley, who are committed to supporting the local community and promoting environmentally conscious, sustainable, business management.

Navas first approached the firm in July 2018, seeking advice with respect to how to protect the valuable time spent in developing the creative aspects of its brand. We were able to assist by advising on its brand protection strategy and obtaining a UK trade mark registration for its mark “NAVAS”. The registration has provided Navas with the exclusive right to use the trade mark in connection with the classes of goods and services covered by the mark. Further, it has also provided Navas with an additional avenue of return with respect to its initial investment in developing the brand, as the registered mark can now be easily exploited through licensing or assignment.
We have since completed various work for Navas, including, in February 2019, advising on the terms of a licence granted by The Eden Project to Navas, permitting use of a number of The Eden Project’s trade marks on product packaging.
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