Employment tribunal representation

We recognise that there are many pertinent factors that need to be considered when deciding how to tackle a claim beyond the merits of the case alone – the costs, management time, staff morale, precedent setting, reputational issues and ethical principles to name but a few – and offer both practical and commercially intelligent advice so that you fully understand all of your options and achieve the best outcome for your business.


Our experts have a proven track record representing clients in employment tribunals in areas ranging from “straightforward” unfair dismissal claims and wage disputes, to those involving complex discrimination issues, TUPE transfers and whistleblowing.

For many different reasons a lot of claims do settle “out of court” (and we have seen more than a few that have settled at the court door) with or without payments being made. However, if the circumstances of your matter mean that you wish to fight the case right through to the hearing stage, we will assist you with formulating and presenting the most comprehensive and tactical plan of resistance.


Complementary initial consultations with our specialist employment lawyers are provided with no obligation to proceed.


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