Employment contracts and HR documents

We can provide fixed-cost template contracts and bespoke agreements, tailored to your business, for any kind of working arrangement and any level or grade of staff, from junior or administrative level staff to more senior employees and director-level service agreements, where you are likely to be concerned about protecting confidential information and business interests in the event of an exit.


These days there are many different kinds of working arrangements: Full-time employees, part-time employees, home-working employees, employees with flexible hours, casual workers, contractors, interns, volunteers and apprentices to name a few.


Legally all employees and workers should be provided with a written statement of terms and conditions of employment from day one. Practically it is advisable that whatever the working arrangement, terms and conditions are agreed and clearly laid out in a contract to protect your business and reduce the chances of a dispute arising.


If you are already equipped with standard contracts, but are not sure that they are up-to-date or cover all your bases, we are more than happy to undertake a free audit and chat through any advisable amendments.


In addition to written terms and conditions, businesses should also have written disciplinary and grievance procedures in place. If you employ more than five employees, a health and safety policy is required. If your employees frequently work more than 48 hours a week they should sign a working time regulation opt-out. Not forgetting, of course, the privacy notices and data protection policies that are crucial to ensuring that you do not fall foul of data protection legislation and GDPR.


Many businesses find it useful to group these documents within a staff handbook together with further policies and procedures to set the ethos of your workplace and ensure that issues are dealt with in a fair and legally compliant manner. For example, an issue with a problematic employee Facebook post is likely to be much easier to deal with if you have a social media policy in place, or frequent sickness-related absences if you have a sickness absence policy which would ensure that all employees are dealt with in a consistent manner.


Fixed Fee Employment Law Packages from £300
Murrell Associates offer fixed-fee employment law compliance packages starting at £300 plus VAT for a standard template employment contract, disciplinary and grievance procedures, working-time opt out and a health and safety policy, all tailored to the needs of your business. Find out more


Complementary initial consultations with our specialist employment lawyers are provided with no obligation to proceed.


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