That Friday feeling; Remote onboarding

21st January 2021

Starting a new job can be incredibly overwhelming. You have new colleagues to get to know, a different boss to work with and the role itself to get to grips with. But the coronavirus lockdown has resulted in a very … Continue reading


Working from home in 2021: Should I stay (home) or should I go (into the office)?

22nd December 2020

The vaccines are on the way – hallelujah! – but what does this mean for the future of the workplace? At the start of the outbreak I (naively) wrote an article questioning whether the coronavirus pandemic would make flexible working … Continue reading


Great flexpectations in 2021: Dealing with flexible working requests in the post-pandemic world

17th December 2020

Numerous surveys have been conducted providing the overwhelming outcome that it is the preference of many employees’ for a combination of office-based and home-based working going forward. However, there are likely to be some difficult conversations to be had with … Continue reading


Reducing the Burden – Managing the Company Statutory Registers

5th October 2020

What are statutory registers? Companies in the UK are required by law to create and maintain a collection of registers which are known as the company’s statutory registers (or statutory books) to include: register of members; register of people with … Continue reading


COVID19 and Commercial Collaborations

24th September 2020

In the wake of the COVID19 pandemic many businesses will be reassessing their business practices, looking to reach new audiences and increase profitability in innovative ways. Commercial collaborations are a great way for businesses to come together on a joint … Continue reading


Personal Data Flows post Brexit

22nd September 2020

Most businesses will now have taken steps to ensure that their data processing functions comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). However, many businesses will be unclear about the data protection responsibilities applying at the end of the Brexit … Continue reading


Coronavirus | Furlough & reduced hours | Enterprise Management Incentive (“EMI”) share options

17th September 2020

EMI share options enable employers to offer employees an equity interest in their employing company, with significant tax advantages to both the employee and employer. EMI share options are specifically designed for SME trading companies with growth potential and are … Continue reading


Murrell Associates assist M-Tech in RSE acquisition

8th September 2020

Murrell Associates have recently advised the founder of Murray Technical Services Limited in relation to the acquisition by RSE (Ross-shire Engineering Limited) of a majority stake in the company. Scottish headquartered engineering group RSE completed the acquisition of Southampton company … Continue reading


Employer Guides: Holidays, quarantines and the workplace

18th August 2020

The “travel corridor” door to Spain slammed first. France, Holland and Malta are the latest casualties and the axe is now hovering over Greece, Croatia and Turkey. For many of us, a summer holiday abroad was starting to look like … Continue reading


Trainee Blog – Secondment with Finisterre

7th August 2020

In March this year, I was told by Murrell Associates that for two months of my final training seat, they had arranged for me to be seconded to one of our longstanding clients, Finisterre UK Limited. Needless to say, I … Continue reading