Navas Drinks Limited

12th February 2020

Navas Drinks Limited (“Navas”) is a Cornish company producing premium mixers made from natural, high quality, ingredients. Navas was founded by Nick Marsh, Kim Conchie and Marcus Rampley, who are committed to supporting the local community and promoting environmentally conscious, … Continue reading


The Cornish Pasty Problem – protecting the Cornish pasty post Brexit

30th January 2020

The much-loved Cornish pasty was given ‘protected status’, or to use their snappy technical phrase ‘protected geographical indication status’, by the European Union in 2011. But the big question for Cornish pasty makers as we leave the EU at the … Continue reading


How to protect against competitors bidding for your brand keywords

4th November 2019

Competitors bidding on brand keywords in relation to online listings has been the subject of much discussion and media attention in recent years. Many will remember Samsung’s famous “Awkward. You obviously mean S6” Google campaign that targeted Apple’s iPhone 6s. … Continue reading


The New General Data Protection Regulation – Are you Ready?

28th November 2017

While most business are aware that the data protection landscape is due to change in May 2018, the extent of these changes and the steps that should be taken to ensure compliance are still largely unknown. The main changes that … Continue reading


Trade mark protection

16th December 2015

Our client has developed significant goodwill and reputation in its brand and has protected this brand as a registered trade-mark. It recently came to our client’s attention that a third party has developed an iPhone App which is offered for … Continue reading


EU Data Protection – a new regime

18th July 2016

After only three years of EU discussions (brief by EU standards!), agreement has been reached on a new data protection regulation with the catchy title “the General Data Protection Regulation”. When implemented (this is likely to be spring 2018) it … Continue reading


Will Brexit make its mark on EU Trade Marks?

13th July 2016


There are numerous ‘what if’ type questions flying around at the moment, so here’s another: what happens to EU trade marks if the UK decides to leave the EU? Guess what? The answer is that nobody really knows, which sums … Continue reading


Trunki: the difficulty of enforcing registered design rights

11th April 2016

The case of PMS International Ltd v Magmatic Ltd [2016] UKSC 12 has acted as a warning for those seeking to protect their registered designs after the Supreme Court found that the Kiddee Case does not infringe the Trunki Community … Continue reading


The Deepend of Copyright: who owns the copyright of your logo?

20th January 2016

A recent High Court case has highlighted the importance of ensuring that the copyright in logo, created by a design company on behalf of a commissioning party, is properly assigned to the commissioning party. This case, Fresh Trading Ltd v … Continue reading


The consequences of misleading advertising – a discussion of Iceland’s #Powerof Frozen campaign

29th October 2015

A recent Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decision concerning Iceland’s print and video adverts highlights the importance of ensuring your advertising is not misleading.   Iceland’s recent advertising campaign was investigated by the ASA for misleading customers about the nature of … Continue reading