Employer Guides: Changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Leave)

16th June 2020

Overnight on 12 June 2020, the government released guidance on the two significant changes it is making to the CJRS, namely: permitting furloughed employees to return to work on a “flexible” basis; and tapering the amount of the grant employers … Continue reading


Will furloughed employees be on holiday over the Easter weekend?

9th April 2020

Will furloughed employees be on holiday over the Easter weekend? The bank holiday is finally upon us… For those with furlough arrangements in place, this may be more cause for a headache than the usual hurrah with the current ambiguity … Continue reading


Supporting our clients through COVID-19: Free chats, fixed fees and furlough leave agreements

30th March 2020

We’ve been thinking long and hard about the best way to support our clients through this unprecedented and unpredictable time. If you are an employer struggling to get your head around the pithily titled “Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme” and the … Continue reading


Employment Update – Spring 2020

25th March 2020

These are unprecedented and turbulent times for businesses and individuals alike.  If you have any queries or would just like to talk through any of the issues your business is experiencing at the moment please do pick up the phone … Continue reading


Will coronavirus make flexible working go viral?

11th March 2020

Whether it spreads or not, the coronavirus “bug” is already everywhere and, irrespective of whether you consider it mass hysteria or sensible precaution, the challenges it presents are real. If an employee is advised to self-isolate, they will not be … Continue reading


Can you be fired for talking about politics at work?

5th December 2019

So, the general election is happening next week.  Many people have very different views.  Some people are keen to express their views; others would prefer to keep their politics private.  There are even a few who would prefer not to … Continue reading


Employer Guides: Can you discriminate against vegan employees?

6th November 2019

Christmas is coming. No doubt Christmas party menus are circulating and discussions surrounding outfit choice and who’s got who in the Secret Santa are hotting-up (okay, forget the last bit, of course no one’s talking about Secret Santa).  If you … Continue reading


Myth busting: Do employees need employment contracts?

11th September 2019

One of the most frequently asked employment law questions, according to Google is: Do employees need employment contracts? One of the most common reasons employers give for not issuing a contract is that they are afraid of being held to … Continue reading


New Employment Contract Fixed Price Package from £300

10th September 2019

Whatever the size of your business, as an employer it is vital to have the correct employment contracts in place. Employment contracts ensure not only that your business is protected but also that your staff are clear about what is … Continue reading


What is a NDA

4th September 2019

NDA stands for non-disclosure agreement. Traditionally in the UK and the US this term is used as shorthand for a confidentiality agreement used in a variety of commercial relationships where confidential information is to be shared with individuals who would … Continue reading