Menopause in the Workplace (Part 2)

15th July 2021

Woman working at her laptop

We recently featured an article about what employers can do to support women in the workplace as they go through the menopause. (see our original article here). As this resonated with a number of our audience, we wanted to explore … Continue reading


How can you support LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace?

16th June 2021

How can you support LGBTQ+  employees in the workplace? The CIPD’s Inclusion at Work* research,  which came out earlier this year, reported that LGBTQ+ employees are more likely to experience workplace conflict and harassment than their heterosexual counterparts. 40% of … Continue reading


Agile vs flexible working

28th May 2021

Agile VS Flexible Working – What’s the difference?  We all hear a great deal about flexible working and how it has become more commonplace, especially given recent events (global pandemics for example!). But less so, agile working…what actually is the … Continue reading


Stress awareness month: Five tips for managing stress at work

26th April 2021

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace” We have never lived in more uncertain times and for most, uncertainty breeds stress and anxiety.  In addition, the way we work has shifted and so has our … Continue reading


What makes a great boss?

31st March 2021

Think about the bosses you’ve had in the past and ask yourself who the best one was. What characteristics did they display? Maybe there was drive, ambition, kindness, the understanding of people and a belief in the business? Many names … Continue reading


How do you solve a problem like… Piers

29th March 2021

Following ‘that’ interview the drama continued with Piers Morgan taking exception to being called out on his behaviour.  It culminated in him picking up his football and stomping off home.  Although this particular incident hit the headlines because of who … Continue reading


HR(H) and the Palace

18th March 2021

In 2019 Buckingham Palace advertised a vacancy within the Privy Purse and Treasurer’s Office for that of HR Manager. The blurb claimed that “No two days will be the same and you’ll face complex challenges.” I wonder if, at that … Continue reading


Is the breaking of rules my problem?

25th February 2021

The hot topic of conversation this week is surely the PM’s announcement on Monday and the ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown and a return to ‘normal’ life (whatever normal now is). Holiday companies are reporting an exponential surge in bookings since … Continue reading


COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace: Frequently asked questions

24th February 2021

As the largest vaccination programme in British history is gathering pace the UK is almost daring to breathe a sigh of relief. However, whilst there is excitement and relief, there is also anxiety and concern about the vaccine. As the … Continue reading


Managing your remote workforce

16th February 2021

If we turned the clocks back just 12 months, the idea of working from home was something often viewed as a luxury reserved for those in more senior positions or who were perhaps fortunate to find themselves working for organisations … Continue reading