Murrell Associates assist with management buyout at leading copywriting agency

13th December 2018

Murrell Associates have assisted one of the UK’s leading copywriting agencies, Radix Communications, to complete a management buyout. Founded in 2007 by Fiona Campbell-Howes, Radix has averaged 20% annual turnover growth since 2014. Fiona will remain as CEO until the … Continue reading


Interview with Hubbox’s Richard Boon

28th November 2017

It’s early Autumn in Truro. Sun streams in through the windows and the hubbub of Lemon Street murmurs below us. Lunch has arrived in the form of brown paper bag, perched in anticipation on the table, for inside is the … Continue reading


EU Data Protection – a new regime

18th July 2016

After only three years of EU discussions (brief by EU standards!), agreement has been reached on a new data protection regulation with the catchy title “the General Data Protection Regulation”. When implemented (this is likely to be spring 2018) it … Continue reading


Estoppel by convention: the dangers of neglecting to check the legal and factual position before acting in business

27th November 2015

registered design rights

The case of Dixon and another v Blindley Health Investments Ltd [2015] has reiterated the need to check the legal position on a particular matter properly and thoroughly, as well as any historic documents or agreements between the parties.   … Continue reading


Punitive or a pre-estimate of loss: Clarity is shed on penalty clauses after a century of confusion

15th November 2015

The two recent cases of Cavendish and ParkingEye have clarified the position in relation to penalty clauses for breach of contract.   The issue in Cavendish related to a clause that prevented the seller from being engaged in any business … Continue reading


Historic England’s new listing screening service: A new weapon in the armoury for developers

9th October 2015

What’s the status quo? Archaeo-geological jokes about “rocking all over the world” aside, the present situation with HE is straightforward. The current services offered are free … Continue reading


Harrods ‘My Green Man’ Competition: The need for clear Terms and Conditions

22nd September 2015

The recent Green Man photography competition case highlights the need to establish clear terms and conditions for consumers to avoid ambiguity. The renowned department store, Harrods, has established itself as a world-leading retailer on the back of its reputation for … Continue reading


Contracts are complex beasts. Do priority clauses help you find your way through the jungle?

15th May 2015

Clauses stating which provisions trump others in the event of inconsistencies can be helpful, but the courts have indicated they will only turn to them when an inconsistency is clear and irreconcilable. Contracts can be complicated beasts. As business lawyers, … Continue reading


Doffing your cap: how effectively are you limiting your liability under contracts?

24th February 2015

A recent case in the Technology and Construction Court illustrates the importance of precise drafting when providing for caps on liability under contracts.


Does your business supply goods or services? Would you like to strengthen your relationship with your customers?

23rd February 2015

A properly drawn-up set of terms and conditions will go a long way. Most businesses we come across have great relationships with their customers. They provide high quality goods and services, and customers come back again and again. When things … Continue reading