Agency and Distribution


Agency arrangements relate to the appointment of an agent who acts as an intermediary between the principal/supplier and the customer. The benefits of agency arrangement to the principal is that they will form the contract direct with the customer and will retain control of the customer relationship.


The firm is experienced in advising and preparing agency agreements for its clients. The agency agreement may relate to the promotion of products or services. The firm also advises on the implications of the Commercial Agents Regulations 1993 at the end of the agreement.


The agency may be appointed on an exclusive, non-exclusive or sole basis and we are on hand to assist clients with the selection of the most appropriate appointment type.



A distributor is an intermediary which purchases products from the principal and then resells them to the end client. Distributors may be appointed on either an exclusive, non-exclusive or sole basis. Moving to a distribution model can increase profits for principals, by providing them with access to customers in new territories which they may not otherwise have been able to access directly.


The firm acts for a range of clients who have set up distribution arrangements and we are on hand to assist with drafting a suitable agreement and advising on its commercial terms, including any implications they may have under competition law.


If you would like to discuss agency or distribution please contact us.